Monday, August 27, 2012

No, the game is not my waifu

This is the last time I am going to talk about Tales of Graces f, I promise, because I know that the number of people who actually care about JRPG's is dwindling quickly.

In case it has not been obvious, Tales of Graces f is my favorite entry in this particular sub-sub genre in years. If I had to pick the game it replaced I would probably go with Lost Odyssey, but that was played long enough ago I don't remember if I actually liked it or if I just think that I did. Tales is certainly better than anything Square has put out in a while, but that really isn't saying much. It is not the combat or the looks or anything game related that hooked me here. It's the characters, the story, and what it does with them.

Modern Final Fantasy games feature cardboard cut out characters that are the same at the end as there were at the beginning, only with more hit points and better weapons. This does not make for a memorable experience. Without going into boring details, people change in Tales of Graces f. At the end of the main game a rather drastic decision is made and the PS3 exclusive epilogue explores this and how it may or may not have been a good idea. How sad it is to be truly immortal is also brought up, but an eternity of sleeping in and watching bad television sounds like heaven to me.

I will say that by the end of 50 or so hours I was tired of the combat and just wanted things to resolve. The final, final boss was old school RPG hard, right down to whipping out an attack that kills you and there is no way to know is coming until it kills you the first time. It did let me drop the difficulty down to easy just to get to the end of things, so I can forgive the obnoxious difficulty spike.

If you like JRPGs you should play Tales of Graces f. If you don't then the game will certainly no change your mind as it is a collection of every thing is good and bad about the genre. A dying breed, I suppose, but one that I like to see come around from time to time.


With month and a half long project accomplished I have a lot of games to catch up on. Some good, some not so much. Lego Batman 2 is certainly qualifies as 'good.' It is the same mashy fun that all the previous ones were, minus the tower defense nonsense of the last Lego Sta Wars, I hope. After a few hours of play I was struck by how good the game looks, and I don't mean good for Lego game. The game looks really, really good. I don't mean to sound so surprised, but this is not a series known for pushing the visual envelope.

The Batmobile handles like ass which is a crime against all things Batman, but being able to punch Robin until he dies outweighs that by just a little bit.


  1. Here's my question - would you feel so positive about Tales of Graces F if it didn't have this supercool epilogue? It sounds like 90% of what you love about the game is due to that.

  2. Probably not, as that is what is most different about it when compared other recent role playing games, regardless of their country of origin. Imagine if you could play the ending sequence on Final Fantasy VI instead of just watching it. That's what the epilogue of Tales of Graces f is. Good guys make final decisions, bad guys are redeemed; it answers all the what if's.