Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watch the linked video, I dare you

One of the reasons that Batman works as a hero is that at the end of the, under all his gadgets and piles of money, his is just a man. He isn't bullet proof. He can't leap tall buildings in a single bound (without his jet). And he certainly doesn't have heat rays eye beams or freezing breath. That combination of abilities, in conjunction with being almost totally indestructible, do not make for much drama. There certainly don't make for an interesting character to play in a game. Superman made his playable appearance in Lego Batman 2 last night, and at the very lest I must commend the game for staying true to Supes' roots. He can't die, he can fly, and he really isn't much fun to be around.

I am only being partially facetious. Dying is not really a problem in Lego games, so Superman not being able to die at all doesn't change much. He can fly anywhere, which would be good, if his flying controls were not terrible. You cannot invert the flying controls and there is no vertical control; he has to be moving forward to move up or down. This causes him to get caught on the edges of the tall building he was supposed to be leaping over. Not using him is an option, but then getting to all of the hidden goodies becomes much more difficult.

There are villains hiding all over the city and you need to activate remote Bat-computers to pinpoint them. This does not mean that you can actually get to them as a few require specific abilities that only one character can provide. Having Superman man should alleviate this, but even the man of steel is vulnerable to poorly thought out game play (and it is certainly nothing new to him). What this means is that the wandering around the hub area looking for secrets is not as much fun as in previous Lego games. In spite of there being more to do in a larger area I keep finding things that I can't do.

Now that I say that out loud, that is exactly like all the previous Lego games. The only difference is Superman. He is so lame that he has lamed up things that worked just fine without him. Playing as him creates the expectation of being able to do anything, so not being able to open a gate that is covered with goo because I don't have fucking Robin with me is infuriating. The best way to handle this would have been to not give him to the player until the main game was done. A new game plus bonus in blue tights and a cape.


I cannot use Windows 8 as my primary operating system at work: one of the programs that I support won't install. It runs through IIS and even though IIS is installed it just doesn't see it. So lame.

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