Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You killed my Father, prepare to die

As Prototype 2 moved through its second act it became more and more clear that Heller was a worthless human being before Mercer changed infected him and that the transformation has done little to improve him. Moral ambiguity was a staple of the last game, but Heller is a little to enthusiastic about hunting down scientists and eating their brains. His initial motivation of revenge for his murdered family is cast aside as he grows more powerful. The moral center of the game (if there is one) was the pastor who was feeding Heller information. He recognizes Heller's retreat from humanity and warns him. This is an opportunity for character development!

Wait, Mercer, who was a 'good' guy is the bad guy again and he kills the pastor? And the pastor's contact is Mercer's sister, which is important because?

Plot is not the game's strong point. But what is? It does not feature as large or detailed an area for free roaming as Assassin's Creed. The combat is not as deep or interesting as Infamous 2. It still isn't a new Hulk Ultimate Destruction, and anyone how says they aren't desperate to where two cars and boxing gloves whiles surfing on a bus is a liar. I almost feel bad about being so down on a game that technically isn't doing anything wrong, but it isn't doing much right, either. It is doing just about everything just well enough to get a passing grade. That prompted Activsion to close Radical Entertainment, something that neither surprising nor tragic.


The weight of multiple games is starting to get heavier. Prototype 2 and Tales of Graces f are in progress right now, Lollipop Chainsaw is sitting on my entertainment center flirting with me, Deadlight comes out tonight, and of course I have gotten the itch to buy a new arcade stick and play Street Fighter again. It is in times of stress that an addict's resolve breaks down. I found myself looking up shipping times on a new Qanba last night, closing my browser just before hitting the 'send that shit to me now as soon as you can' button. Do I really want to do this again? I have no interest in the Persona fighting game, but Tekken Tag 2 looks really good...

I could also start up a heroin habit. That might be less destructive.

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