Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Young grasshopper indeed

I seem to recall complaining about Nintendo buying up part of the Fatal Frame series, saying that they could barely be trusted with their own properties much less anyone else's. This is of course old news, and I am still not happy, but I finally read this old article and what they say makes sense. The WiiU would be the perfect console for a Fatal Frame revival.

God damnit. I will not buy a console for one game. I won't do it. Especially a Nintendo console.


There were some dark times playing Persona 4 Arena last night. Stylistically it is very different from anything I have put much effort into before. Translation: Mitsuru has corner combos that do almost 3000 damage that work just fine in the practice room but are hell to pull off in a real match, with out without random lag spikes. Thankfully my reaction was much different than it has been in the past. I took a few breaths, stared at the match making menu for a while, took into account that this was the second evening of playing, and jumped back in.

It worked. That was some Kung Fu shit right there.

'Look, look away, look back.' Rest in peace David Carradine.

By 'it worked' I mean that I did no damage to by brand new Qanba and I figured out how to beat one specific character when he is played in a specific way. From my limited exposure it seems that the characters are all significantly different. This really hurts because a good chunk of my game is match up knowledge. In Street Fighter I know exactly who can punish a blocked ball and who can't. I know what moves I can hit back when I block them, etc. I even know that I can ultra between blocked hits of a fierce cannon drill. This is from watching a lot of streams and playing a lot of matches, two things that are completely missing from P4A right now.

I do know if it will ever get there. My stamina for fighting games has decreased as of late and my new stick was an effort to rekindle. I cannot tell if it worked yet, but at least there are no new dents in my wall.

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