Monday, September 24, 2012

I did it my way

Borderlands 2 is a blast to play. If you have a pulse, enjoy watching things explode and have even a passing interest in the devices that cause said explosions then the game is for you, vehicular control quibbles aside. It is a very difficult game to talk about.

So what did you do last night in Borderlands 2?

Well, I shot a whole bunch of stuff and got a few new guns.

And what did you do the night before that?

Well, I shot a while bunch of stuff and got a few new guns.

The FBI has a watch list just for people like you.

Granted, if I was playing the game the way it was intended, with other human being via the interwebs, there would be all sorts of funny thing to talk about. My desire to see and experience things at my own pace without being dragged along or encumbered by others has already been explored. I only involve other people when they are integral to the experience. In other words, when I can push buttons to punch and be punched by them.

It's the cooperative part of co-op games that I cannot stand. The closest I ever got was capture the flag in Unreal Tournament, and even then I was that bastard who camped on the flag. I made my own solo player game right inside other peoples' multiplayer game. That's some dedication right there. Or psychosis. Even when I go online in Street Fighter or more recently Tekken I find it easier to play with strangers that I will most likely never run into again. Playing with a regular crew doesn't happen often. It did with HDR and sort of with Street Fighter 4 and it was good. Before that I played Phantom Dust on the oXBOX every Thursday night with the same two people for months.

Which brings up Borderlands again. First person shooting, for me, is a solo experience. Gearbox has successfully made a co-op shooter that is flexible enough to work both as intended and twisted into what I find enjoyable. The game stays balanced regardless of how many people are in it, and this could not have been easy. Many thanks to the devs for not forgetting the old, pale, basement dwelling nerds while catering to the twittering, social media driven neophytes who go crazy if they have been alone for more than thirty seconds. We all have money and are happy to give it to you.

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