Saturday, September 8, 2012

It fails to bring the goods

My Xbox is dying. This would be the fourth one I have killed. At least this time it is for a new reason. All of the previous deaths were to the red ring of death. The hard drive appears to be expiring on this one. Installed games actually take longer to load than ones running off of the disk. Last night the first time I booted up Silent Hill Downpour it couldn't even find the saved game. It's not good, and knowing that hard drives to not spontaneously get better, it needs to be replaced. Getting a new hard drive is an option but I would still need to rustle up a transfer cable. There is no way I am going to re-download 20 gig of Rock Band tracks. I really need them now that I caught on to Rock Band Blitz and Harmonix redid how coins are handed out.

Oh yeah, Silent Hill. It's not scary. At all. There has been one moment of brief spine tingling that I knew was coming and it still got me. Apart from that it is just a game with a lot of wandering and obtuse puzzles. The wandering is what is killing it for me. Downpour is not quite open world but it doesn't bother to tell you where to go when you finally arrive in the city proper. This was done to accommodate side quests, something new to the series and something that was absent for a reason. The good Silent Hills, and by that I mean the first three, were very linear. If you found something to do or a puzzle to solve then you could be sure that it was important. I spent half an hour last night on a pointless puzzle that had nothing to do with the main quest and whose reward was three health packs, of which I had twenty, and five gamerscore points, of which I have over one hundred and thirty thousand.

I was not impressed.

Downpour is not as far off course as Silent Hill 4 was, but Silent Hill 4 didn't even start out as a Silent Hill game. The Room was at least scary (in places) and Downpour has yet to deliver. My scariness callouses are probably a bit thick thanks to Amnesia, but still, it's not even trying.

Maybe I should try this:

No face cam for you, though.

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