Friday, September 21, 2012

It's so big

Two and a half hours into Borderlands 2 and I have already been through about a dozen guns. Incremental improvements arrive every few minutes. Sometimes they do more damage. Other times they do elemental damage. Every once and a while you find a shot gun that acts as a sniper rifle. The story was the same in the first Borderlands but this time around the ratio of junk to things worth picking up has improved. Every treasure chest has a potentially game changing weapon hidden away. This does lead to a lot of time sitting in menus staring at green and red arrows. I play JRPG's on purpose, so I am used to that.

The shooting is not as precise and visceral as other big budget shooters. Rage comes to mind as a 'fair' comparison. Honestly, it's a little sloppy; enemies can be difficult to pick out and they always use the same tactics to get you. Mixing up monsters with the mercenaries keeps things interesting, but I don't remember this first game being this hard. I have died more than I care to admit in the intro areas. Death has a slight monetary penalty to it but you can still use the BioShock method of killing a few things, dying, then walking over your own corpse to kill the next one. The game is clearly meant to be played by more than one person at a time so this little bit of frustration is my own fault. It is easy to forgive when I can walk back through an area that at one point game me difficulty and one shot midgets with my new weapon.

Borderlands 2 scratches all the right itches. I can scrounge for loot while doing meaningless side quests in a competent shooter. Eventually I will get a dune buggy that I can run over fools with. Let's see how long my interest holds up. Right now I am enthusiastic and want to play it again as soon as possible. Lots of games start out that way, though, and my affections are fickle, especially when I should be playing TTT 2.


I just spent far to long looking for a Tank Girl image that may or may no exist. So frustrating. I wanted to say the art style and mood of Borderlands 2 is a good match for the comics, but that could just be my irrational affection for the character coming through. Oh well.

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