Monday, September 3, 2012

Just plain lazy

I am not going to repent of my previous condemnation of Gaijin Entertainment. There a blight on the gaming industry and should be sold off, piece by piece, to fund a company that deserves the money. I will admit that I mad a few factual errors. First of all, I was completely mistaken about their country of origin and their size. According to their limited Wikipedia article they are the largest independent game developer in Russia and they have ties with everyone from Sony to Apple. This makes them a greater blight instead of a lesser one, but it certainly does not remove their blight status. Secondly, Birds of Steel is not their first flight combat game. They all did IL2-Strumovik, a game that I played and just might have enjoyed before this blog was started.

2009 is so long ago that I can barely remember the game. It is on my achievement list, so I know I played it, but I don't remember what I thought of it. The thought of it doesn't me nauseous, so it probably wasn't of the same quality as Blades of Time. Birds of Steel will likewise be forgotten in a few days. It commits the one of the worst possible sins in gaming: it's boring. I can see what it was aiming at: the hard core simulation crown who enjoy taking off, flying a boring mission in which two planes are shot down, then landing the plane in the same place. There is probably a market for this (somewhere), but it certainly is not on a console.

The game is only playable on casual for anyone without a flight stick (which I don't think exists as an accessory for the 360) or a pilot's license (in which case they certainly have better things to do). This whittles the audience down to, well, people who have nothing else to do. Read that as me and only me. Missions are boring are repetitive. The planes look okay but everything else looks terrible. Side missions are limited to 'land on the carries that you took off from.' Birds of Steel is not aggressively bad like Blades of Time was, but passive aggressively bad. It doesn't care enough to be good or to make an attempt at something interesting and fail,which in my mind makes it just a little bit worse.

If you must fail, fail boldly. This is also the excuse I use for buying a Qanba and Persona 4 Arena and not practicing enough to stop being terrible.


The shit parade continues with Silent Hill Downpour. Unless I purchase Torchlight 2, in which case the shit parade will be replaced by the click parade, followed shortly by the carpal tunnel shamble.

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