Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My aching everything

I forgot one game in my short, short list of co-op attempts: Crackdown. That shit was a blast. We didn't even try to do any missions, just played catch with cars and dropped kicked one another off of tall buildings. It's a strange coincidence, because one of the people I played Crackdown with wandered into my Borderlands game last night. It was a side quest, and one that he had not done, so the twinge of lost discovery was not as bad as it could have been. I also liked that monetary pick ups were automatically shared and exchanging items was a breeze. It reminded me, just a bit, of Phantasy Star online.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that one, too.

The Dreamcast was my indoctrination into online gaming. It started with Unreal Tournament, moved on to Quake 3, and then PSO came out and no one could make a phone call from my house because I had the phone line tied up at all times. I was so loyal that I dumped my ISP in favor of Seganet, convinced that it would somehow make a difference. It probably didn't, but maybe my hard earned monies would keep the Dreamcast alive.

That didn't happen either, but my heart was in the right place.

The old PSO addiction came back with Guild Wars, a free MMO that I could play all by my self with acceptable results. I think I played with another human being once and that was to try to convince my brother that Guild Wars was better than WoW. He still plays WoW and I have yet to purchase Guild Wars 2 for fear of melting my feeble machine, not that that means anything.

My point is that cooperative multiplayer did not always make me break out in hives. This aversion began when the average age of people I was playing with dropped to more than ten years less than my own. I cannot find common ground with teenagers playing Call of Duty. We do not enjoy similar things. So I hide out in my fighting games and virtually punch people, knowing full well that I am still the old man in the room.

God, when did this happen.

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