Thursday, September 13, 2012

My wallet's creaky hindges

Okay, WiiU launch, wow me.

$349.99 for the version with a reasonable amount of memory, Nintendoland which will quickly go the way of Playstation Home, a discount on future online purchases and one of the fancy new controllers. No Wii controllers or other accessories, but the fact that the old controllers can be used at all is actual very good news. The price feels a bit high for a console that is only slightly superior technology wise to its cheaper, existing competitors, but I paid $600 for a launch PS3 that I almost never use, so I can't complain too much about that. I have no interest in the TiVo functionality or online Nintendoland silliness. All I care about are exclusive games that I cannot play on my primary console. So:

Super Mario Bros. New U - more of the same but at a higher resolution. While this is true for a great deal of this generation, I have come to expect more. Mario properties have done nothing for me since puberty, and I already played a game in this genre better than anything Nintendo has put out in years. Surprise, Rayman Legends is making it out near the launch as well.

Pikmin 3 - I doubt it will make it out near launch, but I don't care anyway. Pikmin's psuedo real time strategy  was not much fun on the GameCube. I expect nothing different here besides it being spread across two screens.

ZombiU - This I am interested in. I am not sure to what effect the controller will be used, but it is a third party exclusive on a Nintendo console. A rare thing indeed.

Scribblenauts Unlimited  - Isn't this a hand held game? That everyone played already?

I don't count fitness or singing games as 'games,' so those are all missing from the list on purpose.

Tank! Tank! Tank! - seriously? What is this, a refugee from New Grounds?

This is not an impressive launch line up. Ports, and they are several of the, all boast some added controller functionality or extra levels. That does not change the fact that most early adopters will have already played a good chunk of the games available when the system drops, assuming that they are not Nintendo loyalists, a sub group of a sub group that may have finally gone extinct after the 3DS dropped in price shortly after launch.

I do not understand what Nintendo's plan is here. This is hardware that will be surpassed in a year's time, hardware that is a minimal improvement over what is already sitting under my television. All it has to offer are games and a brick of a controller, and the games...

...Nintendo is publishing Bayonetta 2? What the hell.

I have said it before: don't care for the character but the game is fantastic. I need to see about six more exclusives of this magnitude before my wallet will open. None of them can have Mario or Zelda or Metroid in the title.

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