Saturday, September 22, 2012

Not this again

The Halo series is responsible for one of the biggest control travesties in all of gaming. No, I am not talking about using two thumb sticks to control a first person shooter instead of the clearly superior mouse and key board. I am only partly joking about that. I am referring to the way the player is forced to drive the warthog. Instead of one of the analog sticks acting as a surrogate steering wheel like it does in every other game in which you drive a vehicle someone decided that the warthog will always try to drive straight at that you need to point the camera in the direction you want it to end up. The player does not drive the warthog, he or she drives the camera and hopes that the vehicle can keep up.

It is awful. It is why the chase sequence at the end of at least two of the games is difficult. You can't go straight and look around at the same time. This is like driving a real car with your head bolted to the seat so you can't turn your neck. All the vehicles in Halo controlled this way, but the warthog and the tank were the worst offenders.

Why do I bring this up? It is not because I like taking pot shots at Halo. I mention it because I got a dune buggy in Borderlands 2 last night and it controls the same damn way, only worse because you need to aim at things while you are driving. The vehicle follows the targeting recital so you end up running into whatever you were trying to shoot which is especially bad when the target is a giant six armed monkey thing that isn't dead yet.

Since I am picking nits, that save system is silly. Walking past a checkpoint creates a new regen station. If you die you start over again for the last one you passed. If you save and quit, however, you start back at the nearest town. Coming back from a save also repopulates all the enemies, including bosses. There is not punishment for dying but you are screwed for saving the game and going to bed.

Or if your power happens to go out while playing like mine did last night. This would also explain why I am bitching about a game that I am going to play again tonight, and the next night, and so on.

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