Monday, September 17, 2012

Priority loot

Every once in a while the randomness of GameFly throws me a bone. A new release ships on the day before it comes out, allowing me to play and talk about something at the same time everyone else is.

Borderlands 2 shipped today. This is terrible timing as Torchlight 2 comes out in three days and both games are about killing things to get phat loot to kill bigger things. I can't platoon those.

Sorry Torchlight, you just got bumped.


Nothing new to say about DiRT: Showdown. It isn't very good and I do not know how much longer I am going to play it. I got about an hours worth of work done on it before I needed to play Tekken. Someone who has historically kicked my ass in Virtua Fighter 5 and P4A was around for a few matches. Things were more even, which is good, but I am questioning my allegiance to Steve. Bryan is staying as he can take off massive chunks of life in three hits. But Steve?

On a whim I played a little bit of Nina as she was the only other character I could remember any moves for. She is so good. Low attacks that lead to launchers or that can be feinted into more low attacks. Multi-part throws to catch people who are napping.

Her move list is somewhere around 150. It is a frightening thing to behold. She may be my pocket character. Or desperation character.

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