Thursday, September 27, 2012

So full, but so hungry

I took the day off today to watch a few gentlemen do some work on my bathroom. This of course translates to me letting them in, showing them where to go and then hiding in the basement for the duration. I told them that I was working from home and if they needed anything just to yell. The sounds of midgets dying from rocket launcher blasts probably gave me away.

Between five and six hours of 'work' was done, and I have uncovered a significant problem with Borderlands 2 and how it meters out experience. Side quests are not all available at the same time. As the main story progresses a few are unlocked that are level appropriate. If you do them all before advancing the story, and why wouldn't you, your character ends up over leveled for the actual story mission. This doesn't necessarily make it less of a challenge, as enemies are still quite capable of killing you, but you no longer get as much experience for kills.

Part of the satisfaction of killing dudes comes from the little XP numbers that pop up as they fall. When that number is '1' the thrill is significantly diminished. I do not understand why the quests to not scale to the players level. It wouldn't that difficult, the game already adjusts on the fly for how many people are playing the game, it should adjust for how strong a single player is as well. Simple reducing the XP gained ruins the sense of progression. Your character is no longer growing so he or she is much less interesting.

The same is true for weapons; if you are doing a level 18 quest when your character is level 23 expect to see nothing but level 18 or so weapons. Most of them wont even be worth picking up.

I want to say that this is a small complaint, but it isn't. I am being punished, more or less, for taking advantage of all the game has to offer. Borderlands 2 is big, even when played alone, and I don't think penalizing me for eating up everything on my plate is very fair.


Demo Friday is tomorrow and I have three games lined up. Five hours of Borderlands 2 should be enough to buy me at least an hour's worth of time to play something else.

Nah, it still is going to be difficult to not play Borderlands. It is frighteningly addictive, warts and all. It makes me afraid to purchase Torchlight 2.

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