Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey look, a final boss that appears to have nothing to do with the rest of the game but that will be ultimately explained in the pre-credits sequence, the quality of said explanation varying greatly based on which ending is achieved. I am just going to sleep through this segment, get my 'cheevos and...

Wait a minute. This is interesting. Murphy was no the only person this version of Silent Hill was punishing. The female cop whose name I forgotten was also being tested, with each person being the other's 'boogeyman.' In the final sequence the player get to control pyramid head the big guy who wields a staff with a cinder block on the end of it and chase her down, then decide if she should be spared. It's surprisingly straight forwards as far as Silent Hill endings go and the only change for the better when compared to all the old games. I do like the idea of the player character waffling between protagonist and antagonist in spite of the player's best intentions. It doesn't make up for about three hours of pointless wandering or the lack of even a single scary moment, but it was at the very least interesting.

Downpour also has one of the best joke endings yet:

After cutting the cake pyramid head did awful things to it.


I am weak, which should no be news to anyone who read this. A new, fancy arcade stick was purchased around around a month ago along with Persona 4 Arena. P4A saw heavy play for about a week and has since been deserted, to be replaced with Tekken Tag 2, a game I have no hope of being good at.

It is only a matter of time until I run home to the comfort of Street Fighter. It will welcome be back with open arms, arms that will crush the life from me eventually. Until then I will re-learn Steve Fox and jab people to death.

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