Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blinded by excitement

My excitement for Dishonored has left me with little else to talk about. I am concerned about some of the reports regarding the length of the game. It is a game that you get as much out of as you put in, meaning that you could either walk from one end of the level to other and discover nothing or you could explore every inch, uncovering useless but interesting tidbits about the world. My usual MO is the first; little time is wasted between the start of a game and getting to the end. To be blunt, I do not have time to fuck around. If a game catches me though, if I fall into its world and want to know all I can about it, many more hours can disappear than can be justified. Dishonored is not an open world game, as far as I understand, but the detail put into every environment warrants the same level of exploration.

This is heavy praise for a game I have yet to play.  For all I know the whole thing could fall apart for me and I will willingly play it 'the wrong way' like I have all the Hitman games. The progression is as follows: yeah, Hitman, I am going to be all stealthy and shit. Wow, this is hard, it is much easier to just kill everyone on the way to the target, kill him, them kill whoever is left on the way out. My patience is unfairly selective and the actual quality of the game has little input on what I spend time on.


The Amazing Spider-Man continues on just as it as been. I have finished the majority of the side quests and if I am going to be honest it was just the achievements. I suppose I could say that I was farming them for XP but the only moves left to unlock are useless outside of very specific situations. It really is shame that the game itself is a step back from Spider-Man 2 because it really does look good. Swinging through the city, while automatic, maintains a solid frame rate in spite of very large, detailed buildings. Larger bosses are equally smooth, including one giant worm that tunnels through buildings in its attempt to crush one little spider. I just cannot get past the elephant in the room. Every time I start to enjoy myself the comic book guy part of my brain pipes up.

'You know that this could have been so much better if...'

I really wish I could turn him off. Worst. Internal Monologue. Ever.

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