Friday, October 26, 2012

Demo Friday: Too many suffixes

One game, and it's a re-release? Come on.

There is not enough happening on the screen. Add more meters!
I bought the first Guilty Gear on the PS1 way back in 1998 without knowing what is was. 2D fighting game was good enough. Of course this was back when I spent all my time playing against the computer and never ever played against another person, which means that I thought I knew what I was doing but really had no idea. I remember being struck by how fluid the animation of the characters was but it was so not Street Fighter that my interest did not last for long. Arc System Works games have their own unique feel and I was not ready for it. Flash forward many years and I am still not ready for it.

Persona 4 Arena reintroduced me to their style and it was quite fun while it lasted. It also didn't have the legs with me that Street Fighter or more recently Tekken managed but that certainly does not mean that I don't think highly of it. I just need to really be enamored with a game to be willingly terrible at it for any length of time.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (I think I got that right) is in the same vein as Capcom's 3rd Strike Online: quality port of an older game with exceptional netcode. At least, that it what I have been told. The demo locks out online play, so even if I wanted to get my shit pushed in by people who know exactly what they are doing I can't. It is either protecting me from unspeakable abuse or knows that people who want to play the game will just buy it. It even locked out practice mode, so all I could do was run through about five fights in arcade mode and draw my conclusions from there. It was not enough for me to decide if I actually like how the game felt or not. It feels deeper than P4A but that may just be because I have no idea what all of the gauges on the screen mean. Tension? Burst? I have no idea. The demo did not give me enough information to make a decision so the game gets a pass because I am already flush with its modern equivalents. The demo would have been better with limited online play, say to two different characters, and an open practice room.

Being a re-release of an already niche title, though, means having a guaranteed audience and that attracting new players is just not a priority. So, works as intended, not going to fix.


Regardless, I love I-no.

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