Monday, October 22, 2012

He mooned us all

Embarrassing gamer confession time: I never finished the first Serious Sam. I made it all the way to the final boss and, well, you will see why:

Actually, that looks fairly tame compared to what I made it through last night.


Only I didn't find the jet pack right away and spent far too long killing other things instead of flying around, jamming lightning rods into the giant monster's back. It took my around an hour to figure out everything and make a serious run at him and when I nearly missed the last few cannon ball shots I couldn't help but mutter 'are you serious?' to myself.

Why yes, he is.

It may have been around a year late, but I got to play Serious Sam 3. I will give it the greatest praise I know: the game made me happy. No big words. No biting criticism or forced alliteration. Not even a turn of phrase to fill out a paragraph. Serious Sam 3 brought a smile to my face. It reminded me of much simpler times, before squad based everything and persistent multiplayer worlds. No leveling, no RPG mechanics, no open ended exploration. There is no sandbox; the box is a hallway and there are things running down it at you.

In other words, it is perfect.


Going to be in airports and hotels for two days this week. This will be an excellent test for Extraction. Is the game actually any good or it just more tolerable than everything else on the Windows Phone marketplace?

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