Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I voluntarily walked the plank

I am usually not one to pass up the chance to bash a game, but Risen 2 was so awful that I feel bad that I cannot remove it from my achievements list. I can look past not giving me any sort of map or direction with quests. It is an misguided attempt to force the player to explore area and work for event he simplest quest. I can endure bad graphics and choppy frame rates. I can even find enjoyment in laughable character animations and bad voice actors spitting out even worse pirate accents. What I cannot get past is terrible combat. Mash X to swing sword. Hold in L to riposte, only that doesn't work against monsters who aren't wielding swords. There is no dodge button, no roll button, no way to avoid getting killed by dozens of hits to the shins from giant killer crabs.

One hour and five minutes was all I could take. As penance I am purchasing Serious Sam 3 for the second time, this time on a system that will actually be able to play it.


Damnit, I don't even want to put Risen 2 on my list of games I played this year. It was that bad.

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