Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who's sapping me?

I could have finished Borderlands 2 last night. When the second quest goal is simply 'finish it' either the game is almost done or you are playing a not safe for work game on your Kinect. On a 3D television. Sponsored by Brazzers.

Ahem. Let me start over.

I could have completed Borderlands 2 last night. There was plenty of time left before bed to so, but then I found the second arena quest and decided to make a run at it. This one did not feature the swarms of enemies that the first one did, instead throwing more powerful robots at you at regular intervals. They don't move as fast and have the annoying habit of killing you and then walking away so you can kill them back before you actually die. Nothing I couldn't deal with by stocking up on more rocket launcher ammo.

This changed on the forth round. There aren't very many flying enemies in Borderlands. The raks are an annoyance but do little damage and easily avoided. There are the bandit flown helicopter things that do reasonable damage but aren't very fast. Finally there are tiny Hyperion robots who fly around healing the walker that you are trying to destroy. If they have no healing target they will attack you. This is where it can get dicey, because they are fast, do pretty good damage, attack in pairs and always, always come at you from behind.

Round four starts with a ship arriving on the battlefield and about seven snipers jumping out. They don't kill you, but the four flying robots who show up behind you as you take cover from the rifle fire do. The round quiets down after them until a constructor shows up escorted by about five more. My poor gunzerker just couldn't deal with them.

'Tiny robots hurt,' he grumbles in his Heavy sound alike voice, 'Why they so fast and hard to shoot? It almost like they were designed to punish solo players...'

That last part was me talking. After an hour of taking it from behind I gave up. I will finish it tonight (probably) but I will be salty about the quest that got away for some time.

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