Monday, October 1, 2012

Without the racism, anyway

Seasons Beatings was this weekend. I had thing to play so I attempted to multitask: laptop next to me running the stream with me on the couch playing what needed to be played. This led to me losing even more than usual at Tekken, only to have a pretty good winning streak when I finally turned it off, and not remembering many of last night's matches because I was playing Borderlands 2. I do know that a Cammy player won AE, which is cool, but Marvel was still in top 8 when I had to go to bed. I haven't looked yet, but I am assuming that Chris G won. People's feeling about him and his Morrigan matrix seem to be coming around. I enjoy it because the man has broken the game and very few others have found a way to fix it again.

Time out, off to SRK to see if I am right. Yup, he won. No Justin in top 16? Ouch.


I am ready to be done with Borderlands 2. This does not mean that I am not enjoying it, but nothing is changing and Handsome Jack's humorous threats stopped being so humorous several days ago. I go into a new area, farm it for weapons, clean out the side quests, then so a story mission. Rinse and repeat. It all works and it is all fun but this finely tuned tedium does little to combat my gaming wanderlust. I even tried to convince myself that it would be okay to skip a quest or two and just advance the main quest to its conclusion. This didn't work and instead I spent forty five minutes fetching body parts for a robot who wanted to be human.

What saves Borderlands from getting boring is that it never takes itself seriously. Weapon drops, when they are good, one ups whatever you already have equipped with big green arrows and inscrutable color text. Sometime they are actually better, other times that are unusable. This only happens if I have already sold my old weapon, of course. Class abilities are just as irreverent: the final skill in the gunzerker tree give bonus damage to the next few shots in the amount of excess damage done on the previous kill. I have a rocket launcher that does in excess of 10,000 damage that I use on the wimpiest enemies I can find which tuned my pistol into the finger of God.

The system can abused and survives it by throwing silliness right back at you. Tired of the flying raks that nibble at your hit points form behind and then fly off? Too bad, here are dozens more, but they do more damage and have a ton more health. Cleaned an area out? Wait five minutes, they will back. So I heard you like opening chests? Every once in a while there will be a badass shotgun midget hiding inside who will kill you as soon as his hiding place is exposed. The game is crazy on all fronts. I shouldn't work, but it does. It is a loathsome, offensive beast, yet I can't look away.

I am just ready to play something else, that's all. I want to know if Risen 2 really is as bad as I have heard.

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