Friday, November 30, 2012

Demo Friday: There are no new games

This is just silly.

Last week the only releases on XBLA were three Kinect games. This week there is another Kinect game and three Saturn re-releases. There are all fighting games, two of which I had never played before, but the demos were all limited to sixty seconds, most of which was spent at the character select and loading screens. By the time I actually got to push buttons there was about thirty seconds left. This is not near enough time to actually get a feel for a game, much less talk about it in an intelligent way.

Virtua Fighter 2 - Having had a cup of coffee with the most recent Virtua Fighter I at least understood the mechanics. The button layout was odd, which wasted by first sixty seconds, and I spent the next few rounds trying to do moves that didn't exist yet.

Fighting Vipers - Looks like The Warriors: The Fighting Game. Button layout was the same as Virtua Fighter, so my fist round was not entirely wasted, but I could not figure out any moves. It looked like bits or armor could be broken off and that the arena walls were destructible, but I could not play long enough to see any of that happen.

Sonic The Fighters - No. Just no. Correction notice: this game did so poorly in the arcade that the Saturn port was canceled. I am not surprised.

...I don't want to buy a Kinect, I really don't.

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