Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do not pass go

Things were going so well until Assassins Creed 3 decided to change things up for a bit and send Connor to prison. The way he is caught is just plain embarrassing: bonked on the head from behind after chasing a Templar around New York in a very Benny Hill like scenario. He makes one escape attempt, fails, is framed for killing the warden and plotting against General Washington, and is sentenced to hang from the neck until he is dead. Connor's general bad ass nature in combat makes it easy to forget that he has only been an assassin for a few years and that everyone else, including most of the Templars, are cooler than he is. Conner's progression as an assassin is non existent. He started with all the weapons and all them moves so when the game makes him vulnerable it feels like at best a step back and at worse forced and insincere.

The two hour side mission to jail and back was also poorly timed. Connor finally opened up New York and I was looking forward to wandering around the city, finding all of the vantage points and recruiting more lackeys for my guild. Nope, you are locked into one long encounter and when that is done you get kicked out of the animus. At least the two modern scenarios have been both interesting and different than everything else. Nathan Drake Desmond has become a reasonable assassin in his own right and getting to play as him helps keep this third game attached the previous ones. I look forward to his story resolving, as I am told it does, though I will miss hearing John de Lancie verbally beat Desmond about the head and neck for being a fuck up and wasting most of his life.


This is a cool picture:

I don't know if Capcom obtaining a trademark on 'Fighters of Capcom' means anything. A coffee table book with illustrations by Udon would be nice. A giant game featuring all of them, including the lost characters from the EX games sounds like it would be nice, but in reality in would a cluster fuck.

Now, a CCG with each character as a card...

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