Thursday, November 1, 2012

Easy, fun times

It is going to be a good two months. Everything on my list are things that I actually want to play because they have the potential of being very good and not because I want to go searching through hours of junk for a diamond moment in the rough. Playing a game that does that kind of work for me is much more relaxing.

'You want quality? I've got your quality right here! And here! I am flush with quality!'

The first Darksiders was compared with Zelda early and often. This is not wrong, but I think there is another game, another copy of the Zelda formula, that this feels like. It is also a game that I will probably never get another of and saying that Darksiders, and even more so Darksiders II are almost part of the same series makes me feel just a little better. A moment of silence please for the Legacy of Kain series. They didn't sell all that well, a few of them weren't very good, but god damn do I want a follow up to Defiance.

Darksiders feels almost exactly like the two Soul Reaver games. It has the same back tracking through previous areas once new abilities are gained, the same combo based combat system, the same deathly serious mood. Darksiders II adds on a little but of RPG-ness with a loot system and branching upgrade paths; frosting on what as already a stacked cupcake. There is even a weapon upgrade/enhancement system to look forward to. Right now I pick pick up everything and sell it off to buy abilities. Later I will pick up everything and then melt it down. Both worthy activities.

The only complaint I can muster about the first few hours are the giant dwarves, or creators, as the game refers to them. Where is the rule that all dwarves must have Scottish accents? It would be funny if it wasn't so ubiquitous. Pick any fantasy game that has dwarves and they will sound at least slightly like Willy from The Simpsons.

That and Death looks like a thinned down version of the main character from the Splatterrhouse remake.



After. Weight Watchers can work for you, too!

Remind me not to GIS Splatterhouse at work. I forgot about all the 'bonus' pictures.

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  1. Ummmmmm (thinks about it) Varric from Dragon Age II. No accent. ^.^