Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I may think it is better than it is

All of the jokes you have heard regarding Darksiders 2 are correct. For some reason every quest comes with three sub quests, all of which are to collect three magic maguffins. The loot system butts right up to Borderlands 2 in terms of its ratio of usable stuff to shit you are going to sell. It takes itself far to seriously for a game that stars Death on his quest to save his brother War. To me, none of this matters, because from the moment I start a session to the moment I stop I am having fun. I don't care if the optional dungeon I just completed was pointless, I had fun navigating it. I had fun with its puzzles and the combat. It also doesn't hurt that one version of Death's armor makes him look just like Raziel.

Raziel was a bit of a whiner, though, and Death is not. To put a crude point on it, Death gives zero fucks. Not a one. Giant monster thing is in his way? Kill it. There was an easier way to walk around? Doesn't matter, kill it anyway. When death is what you do there is no reason to do anything else.

I will admit to having retreated to GameFaqs on a few occasions because it is difficult to tell that I can't accomplish something because I haven't figured out the right way to do it or because I haven't gotten the correct ability yet. Many of the optional bosses are the same way: there is no way to know if you are ready to tackle them aside from getting one hit killed. I spent around half an hour on a boss that would crush me in two hits if I made a mistake. It had to be a perfect run, and I did it, only to have him drop a level 20 weapon.

I was level 14, so the exercise was fruitless beyond keeping death in character. Side, and quite hypocritical, note: why did I put up with this when I turned off Demons' Souls after thirty minutes? Answer: because I knew I could walk away and do something else. The whole game wasn't absurdly difficult, only the part that I was intentionally subjecting myself to.

The Christmas crush is coming which means that even a game as enjoyable as Darksiders 2 begins to feel too long. For the second time in as many months GameFly shipped a new release on release day: I have Assassins Creed 3 sitting at home waiting to be played right next to Doom 3: slightly prettier but still too dark to see. And of course now is when I decide to get back into fighting games.  

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