Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Perhaps I was a little too mean

Obnoxiously busy at work, no time to post. Even now I am watching a progress bar on a terribly slow download of an updated pieces of software that I have to shoehorn on to an ancient XP machine. I spend half my life watching things upload, download, install, restore, unzip, etc. If only my office was casual enough to allow a little hand held gaming action during my down time. No dice, but they have yet to ask for a web proxy to block errant traffic, so I should count my blessings.


One of my favorite things about the first Darksiders was how gleefully it stole from other games, regardless of what genre they inhabited. Darksiders II does this as well, but it steals most of the same things. Cribbing itself is not as interesting. The only new bit of 'adapted' technology is the level that incorporates moving backwards and forwards through time in the same level, but almost no one played Singularity anyway, which is itself a crime. Less Frankenstein's Monster and more bride of Frankenstein, Darksiders II feels uncomfortably familiar even though almost none of it takes place on Earth, and when it does get there it changes from hack and slash to over the shoulder shooter and you want to leave as quickly as possible.

I will take back my previous jibe at THQ about their stock price because I really do want to see a third Darksiders. The world they have built is ripe for further exploitation: there are two horsemen left, the interactions between demons and angels is non-traditional, other races and worlds are teased at. The ending points directly at a cooperative multi-player entry that rips off Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising (which I would play wrong all by myself but still enjoy). Darksiders II did not hit its sales numbers and THQ is in serious trouble. It looks like Death will have one more thing in common with Raziel: his series will never get the send off that it deserves.


Assassins Creed III has been insulting my intelligence for two straight days. I don't know how much of this abuse I will take before moving on to other things (I really want to play Doom...).

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