Monday, December 10, 2012

A bit embarrassed of that, actually

I have been playing Resident Evil 6 for a week and a half and have found a way to not talk about it after comparing it to left handed self gratification. There have been a few points in the last twenty or so hours where I felt like retracting the insult. It still isn't Resident Evil, but it worked because it suddenly embraced being not-Resident Evil. Shambling zombies disappeared, replaced by gun wielding not-zombies that can grow back most of their head if they are not quickly finished off. The cover system is terrible, but eventually it becomes necessary and I understood why it was shoe horned in. 'This isn't so bad,' I would think. 'It certainly looks amazing, and now and then when I am allowed to play instead of watch the game it doesn't fall off a cliff.'

Then it falls off a cliff with something ridiculous like spawning me in a room with a monster who can kill me in one hit who then killed me, forcing me to repsawn in the same room but closer to the monster. There are out of the blue quick time events that you cannot pass with out dying the first time. There are trick shot boss fights where you have to hit the glowing head on top of a flailing tendril of flesh in a very limited amount of time, only I managed to begin the section with the wrong weapon equipped and the one I did need required a reload. That took about a dozen retries.

Resident Evil 6 is trying to have its brains and eat them, too. It wants to be a sprawling, epic action game, of which there are many, but still retain the Resident Evil quirks. They two don't mix and the game suffers for the attempt. It also tries to pull in threads from so many different games that I have no idea who or what is going on. I feel like I need to go through the wiki articles of all the previous games just to figure out who is on whose side. Is Ada Wong evil or not? Who the hell is Sherry Birkin? How did Wesker manage to have a kid, did he grow the child in a test tube?

Resident Evil either needs a total reboot, wiping the slate clean, or it needs to be left alone until the middle of next generation. Capcom will do neither.

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