Friday, December 14, 2012

Demo Friday: I don't get it

Suda 51 peaked early. Anyone who owned a Gamecube and did not play Killer 7 should be ashamed of themselves. After that he games have gotten more and more sane, thus losing the element that distracted from how poorly they actually played. Wonder what he and Grasshopper Manufacture have been up to lately?


Black Knight Sword is as bizarre. Things start out with the player hanging from a noose, presumably dead, them falling and being possessed by a spirit and becoming the black knight. He is then attacked by heads with legs who bleed profusely when stabbed. It looks like a gothic puppet show, right down to taking place on a stage and the audience gasping when you die. It is certainly stylish, I am just no sure if I like the style. I think it hits a little too close to Outland, an excellent Metroid type game that looked like a cross between Tron and the African jungle.

The demo took me all the way through to end of the first level, cutting off right as the boss showed up. Ordinarily this would be plenty of time to make a decision about the game, but I just don't get Black Knight Sword. As a side scrolling 2D platformer it is rather sparse. No new moves were learned and there isn't much exploration. Yes, it was only the first level, but according to the achievement list there are only five total. My worry is that it will end up like another very unique looking arcade game that I purchased, played for a day, and never went back to: Dishwasher Samurai.

I feel bad, but I don't know what to think about Black Knight Sword. I feel worse because I purchased The Unfinished Swan sight unseen and was rather unimpressed by it That experience has made me more hesitant than usual about jumping on new games.

The other XBLA release this week doesn't make any sense either, but for complete different reasons:

This is educational?
An update of the DS game Brain Games! Who asked for this?

No one? That's what I though.

I will admit that the bit I played through was fun, though that was because it was the first two sections of each of the categories. I would imagine that it ramps up quickly, switching from patting you on the back for solving simple puzzles to mocking you for being an idiot and ogling the female host's completely gratuitous cleavage. I have always wondered why my IQ was, but I am not going to spend 800 points on a game to tell me. Not when there are other games I should spend 800 points on.

Fuck it, I am buying Black Knight Sword. I am going to guess that it is an acquired and I feel the need to acquire it.

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