Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's not my fault!

That little complaint about how Sleeping Dogs handles auto-saving? It combined with another bit of user interface oddness and cost me about ten minutes of progress last night. Sure, that might not sound like much, but that ten minutes was two drug busting missions that I finished by the skin of my teeth. It went down as follows:

1. It's too close to bed time to start another story missions, I'll take care of some of the side missions in another area of the city instead

2. Damn, these are hard

3. Enough! I will save and quit. This is where things fall apart. Save/Quit is one menu choice. Choosing that opens a drop down and I missed what was hi-lighted. The save slot screen looks the save for the save and load options, so I loaded my last manual save instead of saving over it. Once I realized what I had done all that was left was my last auto-save, and that was missing the last bit of work I had gotten done.

No, I didn't read the warnings that popped up. I was tired.

Shut up, it's not my fault!


The game is still good. Shen just made the leap from good guy who does some bad things to get the job done to grey guy who does bad things because it makes other things more convenient. I just shot my way through a warehouse full of guys and kidnapped a man with no hesitation. The crisis on conscience is coming,  the next missions objective is 'go to bed,' so I am pretty sure that Shen is going to dream about dead triad members. Sounds like the perfect time to knock off all of the races that unlocked when I bought a new crotch rocket.

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