Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yes, qi is a word, and it has a plural form

I rarely use my phone for much beyond talking and email. This is both because I have little patience for a screen that small and because it is a Windows phone so the pickings are slim. My phone is not an entertainment device, it is for work. Last week, over breakfast, I was poking around the marketplace and came across something called AlphaJax. It was free and a small download, so what the hell. It took seconds to realize my error: this was Words With Friends, and I was screwed.

I have never touched an Apple device long enough to play the real Words With Friends, but having seen nothing but screenshots its heritage is still obvious: it's online Scrabble made by a company with incredibly good lawyers. I really enjoy Scrabble but have no one to play it with, though this may be because I play dirty. The best scoring word is secondary; I am always looking one move ahead to try not to give my opponent any special tiles. Think of it as turtling; my down back nature has moved beyond Street Fighter, apparently.

AlphaJax works as well as a free game should, though it would be nice to be able to abandon games with people who simply stop taking their turn. I have two games that haven't moved past my first word and I can't get them out of my queue. This would make more angry if I didn't have another game that I am currently winning by a score of 274 to 92.

Checking for updates has become a reflex. It's an itch that doesn't go away and it only gets worse when I check and no one has played.


Why yes, I am still trying to avoid talking about Resident Evil 6. If you must  know, my current annoyances are boss fights recycled between characters, mandatory stealth sections with no way of knowing where enemies are and characters that are only awesome when I am not controlling them. There will be more.

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