Thursday, January 17, 2013

Drowning in the sea of awesome

Last week I talked about the other consoles that might make it out this year, making no mention of the two that were going to hit the shelves for sure. Both Microsoft and Sony are due, not because Nintendo has put any pressure on them with the Wii U, but because it is just time. This has been a long generation. It hasn't made it the full ten years that Sony originally promised, but no one takes what Sony says seriously anymore. Current rumor has the Playstation 4 coming out in October with Microsoft's neXtBox following up in November. I find it odd that Microsoft would allow itself to be beaten to the punch, but they may be operating under the theory that the PS4 will be late or that it will cost $600 dollars and no one will be able to afford one.

I want need them both, but I do have to think about timing. My launch 60 gig PS3 sits idle for months at a time, waiting for the few exclusives that Sony has left. I am not willing to miss out on the next Uncharted or God of War or (real) Ratchet and Clank game, but does that mean I will need one the day they come out? The year they come out? Third party multi-platform titles are indistinguishable. I am play those on my 360, so playing them on whatever comes next just makes sense.

This is what getting old does to you. You begin to apply the foul machinations of economics to your leisure activities. I do need both of those consoles, but I want a Surface Pro when it comes out and that damn thing is going to run me at least a grand, if not more. I also want to get a motorcycle before I turn forty and start saving my pennies for a 4K television . On top of that are far less glamorous things, like paying someone to add a battery back up to my sump pump because I lack the skills to do so myself. My goddamn dentist says I need two more crowns, but fuck him, I already bought him a new car and the garage to park it in.

What a wonderful/awful time we live in. There are not enough free hours in the day or dollars in the bank to see or play or eat or drink or experience or ride or climb everything that deserves my limited attention. Production has out stripped my ability to consume.

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