Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feetal's Gizz!

Anarchy Reigns has nestled right into guilty pleasure category and refuses to budge. It is tempting to lump it in with Fist of the North Star but it is better than that. The combat is simpler but smoother. It certainly looks better. Not sure about the soundtrack, it is a bit hit or miss. It's no Wet, but the bad tracks are easily ignored. Best of all it doesn't take itself as dead pan seriously. All the men are manly men with impossible physiques. Al the women are women with equally impossible physiques. It is impossible to not take it all a tongue in cheek so when the black pimp character busts out the line

'Bitch, I'll show you how much stamina I have!'

it is funny instead of offensive.

I never played Madworld because I never owned a Wii. It is one of the very few exclusives for that system that I would have liked to play. Reviews of Anarchy Reigns all refer to it in glowing, reverent tones, then say that Jack is wasted in the new game because it is not creative enough with the violence. Let's see...

Damn. Take away the silly motion control prompts and that is some nasty shit.

Jack still doesn't strike me as a very deep character. There is some effort put into humanizing him during his half of the campaign but it doesn't work. You can't soften someone's image when his go to way of solving problems is a dual bladed chainsaw mounted to his arm. He little more than a means to an end, the end being killing lots of guys as quickly as possible. What Anarchy Reigns needs is a license, an existing character to bring the personality that the game itself cannot provide. I have two suggestions. If either show up in Anarchy Reigns 2 please tell my lawyer that you saw them here first.

Number 1!

Carnage won't happen because I can't see taking a Spider-Man property and dropping him into a M rated game, but he would fit. Remove what few lines Jack has and boom, Maximum Carnage the game.

Number 2!

...fffffFFFFFFuck why hasn't Lobo ever gotten a game? I cannot be the only person who remembers him and I don't even read comic books anymore. Deadpool is getting a game, by High Moon even, so it has a pretty good chance of not sucking. Lobo either needs an all out brawler like Anarchy Reigns or a free roaming game like inFamous. Come on DC, what else are you doing with him? You could even be bothered to add him to Injustice: Gods Among Us and that game is crying out for a new villain/hero.

Ok, I'm done. Frag, now I'm all worked up. 

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