Saturday, January 19, 2013

It was fun, now it's not

I sat down last night with the full intention of finishing off the Spartan Ops episodes in Halo 4. In was certainly a grind, but the combat itself was fun enough to hold my interest. The repeated levels and lack of enemy variety was starting to get to me, but I had made it through the first Halo and that game's second half was nothing more than walking backwards through the first so I could handle this.

And I was handling it. In spite of losing all my weapons after every death and being dropped back into fights with elites with a pea shooter, I was handling it. There is no penalty for dying in Spartan Ops, you don't even lose damage done to enemies, so I was able to bully my way through right up to a mission where I had to defend two (insert tech gibberish here). Two of them, one of me, dozens of things shooting.

The line between tolerable and no longer worth my time was quickly passed and I shut it off. There wasn't much of a story there, anyway.


It was a quiet day at work. So quiet that I watched a good chunk of SCR along with assorted combo videos. Playing Guile has always been a goal. I can "play" him now, but when I look at videos like this:

it all gets very discouraging. I know that Desk is not human and I know that these combos are not exactly viable in a real match and I have a suspicion that it is character specific, but still... So I played about an hour and a half of ranked last night, all as Blanka, and learned something very important: I fall for the stupidest shit. I actually do better again higher ranked players because they don't do things like wake up ultra and random uppercuts. They still beat me but at least it looks cooler.

I did end my last match with a cross up ball that I hope confused the hell out of the other guy.

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