Thursday, January 24, 2013

Killer list

Hitman Absolution is beginning to wear on me. I am reloading less and blindly killing more; not very hitman-like but I have grown tried of all the sneaking around. Nothing is going to compare to the gun store level, anyway. I can't decide if it is excellent or completely preposterous, total fiction or sickeningly realistic portrayal. Granted, I have spent very little time in the south and none of that was in an arms dealership, so the following could go down every day, for all I know.

47 gets a tip and head to a gun store in the hick-est hick town I have ever seen. There on the counter are his silverballers, sold by an informant who got them as payment from 47 much earlier in the game. 47 mentions that they are his and is rebuffed by the store owner (who speaks to him through a hole in his throat).

'Do you think you can beat a girl at shooting? If you can, I will sell them to you.'

47 is literally surrounded by loaded guns. There are on the counter and on shelves and on the walls. Giant crates of ammunition are everywhere. He's a bad ass, I think, I am not going to play this jerks game. I grab the nearest gun and shoot the cancer survivor in the face. Can't open the case but at least he stopped  bothering me. First the police in the back come out shooting, followed by every single shopper. The whole damn place aggro'd simultaneously. I died but it was too hilarious not to try again.

Once that got old, and it took a while, I tried to actually play the mission. Beating the girl in a scored shooting match was a fool's errand, so I started sneaking around. When played the 'right' way there was much less fun to be had.

  • Sabotage lights to distract register biscuit
  • While register biscuit is trying to fix lights go behind counter and steal key card
  • Go behind counter to office, climb out window and into trenches below shooting range
  • Use key card to open survival bunker, retrieve note with safe combination
  • Continue behind shooting range to employees only area, subdue guard
  • Use combination to open safe, retrieve key
  • Back track to register and open gun case
It should be noted that the first time I took the key card I did not know what it was for. The same is true for the safe combination because I had not seen the safe yet. This is not organic game play, it is doings things because I have something to click on, hoping that it will make sense later. What saves it is that I could have killed everyone in the building instead. The most direct approach was there, it was just really hard.

In truth, I would like to see how Max Payne would have handled the situation. I bet it would have gone down more like the first thing I tried, only Max would have succeeded.

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