Friday, January 25, 2013

Missed the entrance to the cave

I have every intent of doing a Demo Friday for The Cave. It was downloaded and everything last night and instead of taking ten minutes to play it I had a reasonable evening at Street Fighter and then got mad at Hitman Absolution for an hour. It will be played tonight and I, assuming that I remain sober, will records my reactions.

Reasonable because I ran just shy of 50/50 for wins/losses and I was only straight up bodied a few times. On one occasion I random Abel, this first time I had ever played him, and didn't do that bad. This is probably because I did nothing that a competent Abel would do and if actually played him for more than one match it would only get worse.

Hitman Absolution cannot end soon enough. The game is a never ending sequence of cock teases. Sure, you could do something really cool like sabotage a gas grill and blow up your target instead of just shooting him in the head and stuffing his corpse in a locker but doing so requires sneaking past a dozen randomly placed guards with no checkpoints. It is just not my kind of game in spite of it trying to be more accessible to new players.

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