Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Round 2

It did not take long for Street Fighter X Tekken to be abandoned for either AE or Marvel. It was broken on a fundamental level which made it decidedly not fun to play. I gave up before the 'downloadable content' unlocked the extra twelve characters hiding on the disk. Much to Capcom's credit, they listened to people who had purchased the game and have gone through great effort to fix it. Last night, after finishing Anarchy Reigns, it was time to try again. They have succeeded and I have recommitted to it by buying Blanka (and the other eleven characters that I will not touch).

I am not knowledgeable enough to go through the ins and out of all of the changes to both the system as a whole and to all of the characters but I will gladly go through the few that effect me directly.  In the original release throws were both difficult to use because of how slow they were compared to everything else and their damage was such that it was not worth the risk. They, along with everything else, lost to JAB JAB JAB. 2013 has increased the speed of everyone's normal throws and also given a very good reason to use them: they remove all red health. This alone made the few games I played last night more tense. It was one more thing to worry about and one more weapon to use.

Secondly, they fixed Paul. He already did obnoxious damage with meter, now he can do it without, has more ways to juggle, has a back sway that is useful and has a reasonable walk speed. Oh, and a reliable anti-air, too. I am still not going to call him any better than mid-tier because his game still revolves around fishing for a crouching medium to cancel into phoenix smasher. His updates have made it much easier to do so and he is consequently much more fun to play.

This brings me to Blanka. I am not sure I actually like how he plays in SFxT compared to AE, horizontal balls are all painfully slow and even more punishable on block, but he still fits my strengths and weaknesses. That weakness being my execution and strength being able to sneak hits it here and there. My favorite dirty trick, lp ball into throw, doesn't work because the ball is too slow, but surprise forward still crosses up and is difficult to predict. His jumping fierce air to air causes ground bounce which leads to more combos and his already easy ultra can be combo-ed into off just about anything. He's not optimal, but I will use him as a replacement for Guile on team 'crazy ass hair.'

This is going to keep me from starting Ni No Kuni for at least a day. Perhaps more.

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