Monday, January 7, 2013

That's a nice gun you have there

I don't really know what to say about Torchlight II. If nothing else, it absolutely delivers on what is advertised. It is an excellent action RPG that sounds and feels like Diablo. Runic took complaints about the first game and fixed them all, creating a $20 game (in my case, $10) that at the very least keeps up with Diablo 3. The vast majority of my complaints have to do with how the game runs, and that is entirely the fault of my aging machine.

Side note - I am, mostly likely, deserting the PC gaming scene for the second or third time in my life. Aside from smaller indie titles like the the upcoming Amnesia sequel everything I want to play is available on a console. There is going to be at least one console this year that I will need, plus I really want a Surface Pro. The nerd is willing but the pocketbook is weak.

There is one small issue that I do want to bring up: my chosen class, outlander, combined with my chosen weapon, shotgun, feels like cheating. My character is somewhere in the 30's, level wise, and I have dumped every ability point I have earned into passive skills that improve range and damage, cause status effects and occasionally cause a defeated enemy to explode in a poisonous shower that injures everyone with a ten foot radius. All of this means that I never use any abilities beyond holding shift and firing my shotgun in the general direction of the bad guys.

It should not work as well as it does. There are, without exaggeration, more than a dozen other abilities available, none of which I need because abilities that make numbers go up are more effective than the ones that make me do cool things. I am being stifled by my own success. It's still fun, and bumping the difficulty up from normal to abnormal would probably fix it. And even this complain to rendered moot my Runic making it very easy to completely respec your character from the group up. If I really wanted to I could change my walking tank into a nimble little glaive throwing pansy that could summon bats to do his work for him.

Suddenly my tank doesn't sound so bad. I have been told that the difficulty ramps up in Act 2. I am in the middle of Act 2 right now and I really hope that it does. All these health potions aren't going to drink themselves.

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