Tuesday, January 8, 2013

True tragedy

I died last night.

It cost me nothing but gold and pride to get back into the game and I didn't even lose the damage that I had done to the boss that killed me. But I died. It was a cheap shot, too. I was in the middle of drinking a potion and this undead marksman bastard actually hit me after I had successfully dodged his last dozen attacks.

This is the difficulty increase that I suppose I was asking for, but instead of new enemies or new attacks it is just more of the same enemies but they have more hit points. My shotgun is running behind my level, so my DPS is not great, but it still stuns, knocks back and blinds almost anything it hits. If I can trap an enemy against a wall they just bounce back and forth for several seconds before exploding into a rain of chunks and poison.

Still, I died last night. On normal. My nerd card is on the counter, if you wish to confiscate it.


That's all I have. Operation 2012 catch up is in full effect, with both the new Hitman and Halo 4 set to arrive before the week's ends. Anarchy Reigns is in there, too, but having looked at a video of it I am sure that I was thinking of a different game when I added it to my list. It does not look like a game that I would either enjoy or enjoy not enjoying.

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