Monday, January 21, 2013

Two steps forward, two steps back

Nothing was played this weekend and I am still catching up on the SCR finals. It being a slow day at work is certainly helping. Level Up has put together a very slick, almost television like presentation and it is much appreciated. There is one new wrinkle, at least from what I have seen, that needs to go away: the pre and post match interviews.

The idea  itself, talking to players before and after a match, is sound as long as the interviews are short and both the interviewer and interview-y have something interesting to say. For the pools that had a woman who I had never seen before whose questions were limited to (when talking to Chris G) 'Some people call your play cheap. What do you have to say about that? A-hyuk.' Chris G gave the winning response of 'what do  you mean' and the train wreck on. It was embarrassing to see, and that is coming from a guy huddled under a blanket at his computer whose fingers are coated with Cheeze It dust.

How about this: Chris, no one has found a reliable way around your Morrigan/Doom combination yet. What are you doing to stay ahead of the curve? There is a Super Skrull player in the top eight, are you going to make any adjustments? Questions with a little bit of meat on them might make for an interesting thirty second interview instead of the two people involved chanting 'soul fist' at one another.

Bringing Gootecks in for the finals sounds like a good idea, he at least has some knowledge of the games being played, but all he did was try to stir shit up between players who were already nervous and looked universally uncomfortable. This is not the WWE, very few of these individuals would look good in tights leaping from the top rope. Forced verbal confrontations are not entertaining and the last thing I want is to encourage more people to behave like Filipino Champ.

...who lost to said Skrull player. It was excellent.

Back on track after a weekend of distraction with the new Hitman and possible Anarchy Reigns.

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