Thursday, February 21, 2013

And so it begins

Watching the Sony PS4 announcement live was not possible so I had to be content with reading live blogs after the fact and fighting YouTube for the game videos. There was good news - not blocking out used games. There was bad news - no backwards compatibility. Most notably, and what bothered me greatly, was the no news - no date, no price, no picture of the hardware.

Internet rumor has the price coming in between $400 and $500 and logic dictates it will be in November or December. The enthusiast part of me, the part whose is ready for new hardware and desperately wants to get its hands on it, needs to see what the thing is going to look like. It will add a concrete anchor for my enthusiasm. Instead of 'Sony is putting something out this year' it becomes 'Sony is putting this out this year.' That is when it stops being an idea and becomes an item that I want to spend money on, put in my basement, and start plugging things into.


Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is not good. Case in point: a quick time event featuring a pick hippo in drag that goes on far, far too long. It wasn't funny to begin with. By the time he starts fluttering his eyelashes and shaking what the good lord gave him it was more than not funny. It was uncomfortable. I know that this is not representative of the past games, but this has been my only exposure, and it makes the copy of Metal Gear Rising sitting next to it all the more tempting.

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