Friday, February 8, 2013

Demo Friday: why does this exist?

Um, it's Friday?

Totally not Team Fortress. Really.
Thirty seconds ago I went to look up the name of the above game and I have already forgotten it, it was that unremarkable. Give me a few minutes, let me see if I can find it again and remember it long enough to record my reactions.

'Special Forces Team X'

Oh god. I didn't forget the name, my brain purged it on account of it being dumb as hell.

STX, as it would like you to call it, is an online only team based shooter, just like Counterstrike or Team Fortress or a dozen other games. On the plus side the demo is actually whole game with a forty five minute time limit on it. I actually applaud this approach. It gives the player plenty of time to know what he is getting into and decide if it is worth spending money on. It does not even segregate demo players from paid players. This causes a problem, thought, because people who actually bought the game and have spent time on it will destroy demo players with their better equipment.

This is not a problem unique to STX. I summarily pass on the online portion of Call of Duty to avoid this exact kind of abuse but enjoy the campaign. So what does STX have to offer? All of the bad of the big budget shooters and none of the good. If you must play it you will see all there is to see in the demo forty five minutes. I was done after five, but my patience for being shot in the back is not especially high.

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