Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No used games?

No used titles on the neXtBox?

Edge-online thinks so.

Hmm. Seems a bit out there. They are just looking for page visits, right? Sony thought about this on the PS3 but never went through with it, surely Microsoft wouldn't...

Wait, they really mean it.

I give this three to one odds against. Locking out used games doesn't just alienate Gamestop. Best Buy and some Walmarts have begun selling used games as well, to say nothing of the effort Gamestop has put into selling cards for downloadable content and points to spend online. This is a game of chicken between Sony and Microsoft right now. One of them just might pull the trigger and then the other will immediately get to say 'can you believe what they did to you?'

However, if this does actually happen, the PS4 will become my primary console. I play far to many games that are just not worth owning. Locking out the used market locks out the rental market as well, and that is something that I cannot live without.

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