Monday, February 11, 2013

The Mill

I love console rumors. Even when they infuriate me, like the no used games rumor, I still want to hear them. If even a portion of these are true we have a lot to look forward to. The most recent batch comes from Kotaku, courtesy the dude who tried to sell a next generation dev kit on ebay and was surprised when Microsoft blocked it and sent a squad of attack lawyers to his house. While not as juicy as the complete removal of a large portion of the market, theses new rumors are still pretty good.

Always on, required Kinect - I never bought a Kinect because there were no games that required it that I wanted to play and the ceiling of my basement is too low, anyway. The new Kinect packs in with every box and is no longer optional. If Microsoft really wants me to navigate the dashboard by waving my arms around I suppose I will deal with it. I have seen hysterical reactions by people who think this is just a way for the power that be to watch what they are doing, when they are doing it, and what kind of tin foil their hat is made out of. Maybe so, but we already know exactly what they would see if they peek out of the Kinect and it ain't pretty. My reaction: meh.

Required installs - Who doesn't already install their games? There is a better part to this rumor, that there will be only one sku for the new Xbox and it will come with a 500 GB hard drive. The install process also changes, running as the game itself is played, thus eliminating the ten minutes spin up to the first time a game is played. This is all good news, but it may also be part of locking a game to a specific system, thereby killing the rental and resale markets. I still think they won't do this. My reaction: a tempered sweet.

Running multiple games or applications simultaneously - This has one potential use for me: running IE at the same time a game is running. If the game is bad, to surf for other things. If the game is good, to tell you about it. If the game is hard, to cheat. My reaction - I may have to cover up my Kintect camera. You know, just in case.

New Controller - A new system should come with a new controller. I just hope that the old ones, and my extension my Qanba arcade stick, still work. My reaction: as long as there is not a return to The Duke things will be okay.

Because Microsoft hates people with small hands.
Specs - Don't really understand all of this. It's a little techy, even for me. Other rumors have the PS4 as more powerful. This would not surprise me as it is also true for this generation. Console exclusive will be the deciding factor. Uncharted 4 will undoubtedly blow out collective minds but I will not miss out of Gears of War: Once more, for the last time. My reaction: so? I will own both.

Even if, if, Microsoft makes the anti-used games move I will still own one. It will just end up being my secondary console, assuming that Sony takes the high road, for once, and lets me rent games. So this is not a decision on what I will buy, just what I will use more.

God damn am I excited.

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