Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And I would, too, if he weren't armed

I cannot remember if this generations previous Devil May Cry reached the same levels of insanity. Limbo is already difficulty to process: the city itself is trying to kill Dante and there is little he can do but dodge and make pithy observations. Dante gets more powerful as the game progresses until he can slow time. Bosses get larger until Mundus takes on his full blown Stay Puft Marshmallow man form. All of this delivers on spectacle but move further from when the game is good at: the combat. Fighting a giant is not near as fun as dealing with a dozen little guys all at the same time. The later requires variety and creativity while the former is just dodging giant attacks and mashing Y when the glowing targets are within reach.

At least the game was aware of this and brought everything down to a very intimate fight between Dante and Virgil for the finale. Here was a battle that allowed the player to use all that he has learned. Every unlocked move was useful again because the opponent was an equal instead of a giant creme puff. The twist at the end, having is use devil trigger to keep Virgil's shadow from blocking the final hit, stayed true to the game's mechanics. It would have been easy to toss up a few button prompts and call it a day. Instead Ninja Theory crafted an excellent cap stone to what they they had built. I fully expect a sequel, probably on new hardware, and they deserve the chance to keep going.

I still don't like how the new Dante looks or acts, preferring this:

to this:

A little less angst, a little more suave, a lot more devil may care. I choose to believe that it is the same Dante, just at different points in his career. DmC Dante barely knows what he is, much less who he is. By the end of his game he has chosen sides but lacks confidence. The original Dante is at least ten years older, judging by his self assured swagger, and is just a more appealing character to me. He doesn't need to prove anything, he knows that he is better than everyone else at what he does, but that doesn't mean he won't enjoying showing you.

This is a small complaint. Much like Bayonetta, DmC would be fun if the characters were all stick figures in an empty room. The fact that the new Dante reminds me of someone I would yell at to get off my lawn doesn't change anything. 

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