Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boring stories

No one wants to hear about work, but I am going to vent anyway.

After a successful foray into the world of Linux (for fun) my actually job has quickly descended into madness. I am not sure if I have ever actually said what I do but it should be fairly obvious that I work with computers at least some of the time. A good chunk of my job is software support. Today I moved my software and its SQL server from one box to another. On the new box was another piece of software running MySQL. The two should have had no impact on one another.

Of course the other software stopped working. I have no idea what this other software does or how to fix it. The event log points to a DLL being the culprit which means that simply removing my and putting it back where it was is not necessarily going to fix it. I haven't told the customer how screwed they are yet, but I am hoping that a repair install will fix it.

On top of that I serve as back up for a person with very poor time management skills who the higher ups have decided to send out of state for training. Doing his job prevents me from doing mine well. The wonders of working for a small company.

Anyway, video games! I am without a game to play at the moment, but Far Cry 3, Forza Horizon and DMC are on the way. My desperation last night drove me to put in Culdcept Saga for the first time in at least three years. For the first hour I could not remember why I never finished it; Magic the Gathering crossed with Monopoly is right up my alley. Three matches in and I remembered: a match can easily last over an hour, perhaps longer if it is a three way affair. It is possible to suspend a match mid way through but that keeps it from counting and I am pretty sure you don't get any new cards at the end. You are in it for the duration. That can be a long time when it becomes clear you aren't going to win and there is no way to concede, either. Culdcept Saga is a great game that is or two tweaks away from being perfect. I don't have the time to weather its faults, so back on the shelf it goes.

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