Friday, March 29, 2013

Demo Friday: Does two minutes count?

Disclaimer: I did not give Terraria a fair chance. Nor do I intend to. The game hits all the 'annoy Chamberlain' buttons simultaneously.

Nothing even this interesting happened

I have a serious problem with games that put the creative burden entirely on the player. Giving them the ability to make their own things is fine but having nothing there to begin with strikes me as lazy. This is why I have never even attempted Minecraft and was so angered by Little Big Planet: they just aren't for me. Terraria was described to me as Minecraft plus Metroid. Yes, it is a sand box but there is a point to exploring the sand box beyond just digging for more sand. It just might do that but I will never know because I got bored and quite after all of two minutes.

Didn't even make it out of the tutorial.

This started to go wrong when I was told to chop down a tree and it took several seconds to do so. There is no reason for it take more than one swipe with an ax. Hitting it over and over adds nothing to the experience, it only adds to the amount of time it takes to do it. If you paid by the minute to play Terraria I would understand but you don't. Yet the game insists on wasting the player's time. Things got worse when the tutorial asked be to dig down into a vein of ore. The bottom of the vein was not even on the screen and it took longer to dig through each block than it did to chop down a tree. Again, there is no reason it should take more than a hit to destroy each block. There was no skill in this, only an investment of time.

I never saw the bottom because I turned it off after two minuted. Terraria may have giant worlds to discovery, interesting things to do and endless customization for the player but it doesn't matter but it failed at the small parts. The individual tasks required to play the game were no fun. If I wanted to work I would stay at work.

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