Sunday, March 24, 2013

I never want to see this again

It would be unfair of me to let Far Cry 3 slide on something that I took Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time to task for. While in quality they are not even in the same general area there is one tremendous offense that they are both guilty of:

Hoyt and Vaas both die the same way: quick time event. There is no tension here, no accomplishment. After over twenty horse of running around the island killing pirates and then hired soldiers in more and more creative ways this is my reward? I am so god damn tired of games painting themselves into a corner whose only escape is a semi-interactive cut scene. If the game cannot support what the story is trying to do then change the story, not the game.

It's lazy and insulting to the player. A good final boss should take a little bit of everything the player has learned to defeat. Here's a better way to handle the Hoyt fight: stealth. Far Cry 3 worked much better when a stealthy approach was used. Knocking down the front door of an enemy stronghold was a great way to waste health syringes but killing them one at a time, or better yet three or four at a time with the grenade take down after the alarms have been disabled is both fun and hilarious. There are seven different flavors of stealth take down that could have been used in a final battle.

The poker game stays the same. Hoyt still kills Sam with a knife to the neck. Here's the change: it is established that Jason is basically super human. After Hoyt cuts off his finger Jason wheels around, grabs the guard and pulls the pin on one of his grenades. They all panic, the grenade goes off and everyone left alive falls through the floor. More guards arrive and the player has a fiery, smoky playground with Hoyt as the prize at the end. The game can still have the 'what have I become' moment with Jason looking at his hands, surrounded by bodies but this time the player will have ownership of the actions instead of just having observed them will all the effort of skipping through chapters on a DVD.

Quick time events kill immersion. There is no giant floating blue X in Jason's world telling him what to do. Stop putting one there.

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