Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It is foolish to resist

How can I stay mad at a game the features tigers and bears?

Taking over an enemy base usually boils down to sneaking in, marking everyone on the radar, then sneaking from shadow shot shadow shanking people. When it goes poorly and someone manages to hit the alarm things get out of hand quickly, especially on the second island. Pirates come out of the woodwork on jeeps bristling with rocket propelled grenades. What's most interesting are the bases that also double as wild animal containment areas. Dead rebels are not enough for decoration, they need a tiger in a cage for the feng shui. A poorly made cage that can have the door shot off from quite a distance.

Shooting the door off myself would be funny enough, but two nights ago one of the pirates managed to blow the door off himself while shooting at me. I hid around a corner and watched the little red dots on my radar disappear one by one. The tiger took out over ten guys and that was only what I saw. He was still hungry when that was done so he came for me. I almost felt bad putting him down with my shotgun. The tiger would have been a great partner. Instead he got greedy and picked on the guy with aim and a better gun.

As much as I want to try something like this on the console version I know it would bring my Xbox to tears.

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