Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No trigens yet...

Far Cry 3 is too big.

I wrapped up the first island last night and am close to running out of reasons to do anything other than the main story missions. Hunting has become pointless because I have crafted every item that it is possible to craft. Side missions will soon follow as I will run out of abilities and weapons to spend experience and money on. It is difficult for me to say this, but Far Cry 3 is actually too much of a good thing.

There are two things that could have been done to fix this, one easy and boring and the other is probably much more difficult that I think it is. The easy fix would be to make everything more expensive and then allow one more tier of crafted items. Right now I have the best wallet and can only carry $10,000. Double that, make ammo more expensive or stop giving the guns away for free and there is reason to do side quests again. The cost of abilities already does increase as more are gained but I am still going to run out of things to spend ability points on before I run out of way to gain the points in the first place.

This leads to the second idea: more abilities. About half of the abilities are standard statistic perks. More health, better armor, hold your breath longer, things like that. The other half are more interesting, like being able to melee kills down forever as long as enemies are standing close enough together. The conga line of death, or something like that. A few more of these, perhaps over priced, over powerful end game ones, would again give a reason to keep doing quests. As it stands I have a whole island left and little reason to not buzz through it right to the end.

Yes, exploration should be its own reward, but come on, give me a reason to continue to explore the wonderful world that has been created. Keep that trail of bread crumbs going and I will follow. Once it ends there are so many other shiny things to catch my attention that eventually one of them will even if this game still deserves the attention.

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