Monday, March 11, 2013

The other foot

On Saturday I stopped by to see a friend who was having some serious back problems. When people you know who aren't you parents or grandparents begin to suffer from herniated discs you know that you are getting pretty damn old. He wasn't up for much of anything so we watched Wreck-It Ralph, calling out as many cameos as we could, while I drank both my beer and his because his medication forbade alcohol. When it was over he made an odd request:

'I haven't had time to play anything in weeks and not that I have all the time I could possibly want I can hold a controller. Can you finish the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow expansion for me?'

I didn't know there was an expansion, but that really didn't matter because I played Lords of Shadow around two years ago and had forgotten everything about it. I do remember that it was good but what buttons did what eluded me, not to mention that it was on 360 and my friend only has a PS3. No matter, this was a challenge. No story for frame of reference. No previous hours with the game to have learned what attacks are good and which ones not to use. Just me versus the final boss with no context to get it the way.

Thanks to generous checkpoints I was able to beat him. What was interesting was that my play style closely mirrored how I start a new character in a fighting game: find something abuse-able and abuse the ever loving shit out of it. Gabriel's stable of moves quickly boiled down to one or two combos that worked on the boss and that was all I did. It wasn't exciting, but it worked, and my friend was too doped up to notice anyway. It was an interesting experiment but not something that I am going to make a habit of.


Far Cry 3 is of unreasonable quality. I could play this game forever.

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