Monday, March 25, 2013

Too sexy

Oh my God, Bioshock Infinite shipped from GameFly today, day before it come out. I will be able to play a current game within days of release. It has been months.


The new DmC in an interesting beast. It plays very much like an introductory Devil May Cry game. Whole sections of the move set have been lifted from previous games. It can get complicated with three different weapons available at all times but it is not the bad kind of complicated, more 'I know what I want to do, how do I do it,' less 'what the fuck am I supposed to do.' Switching between weapons mid-combo is both fun and effective, though rarely necessary. This is a reboot designed to capture new fans, not scare them off, so to be blunt, the game is a little on the easy side. (Disclaimer: on medium difficulty, I'm no masochist.)

What bothers me is how intentionally sexy the game is. Dante starts the game banging two strippers and spends the introductory cinematic naked. It is played far too straight and feels forced. Thankfully this only around an hour or so. Dante wants you to hate him but the way he reacts to discovering he is an interdimensional hybrid  prevents that. No yelling, no screaming, he takes it all in and then agrees to help his long lost brother.

Virgil is as classy as all get out, by the way. The inevitable falling out between him and Dante will be a fashion tragedy.

I have only spent one evening with it, taking last night off to watch The Hobbit again, but I doubt my feelings about the game will change. It is definitely good, but it what it really does is make me want a sequel to Heavenly Sword.


The Hobbit was better the second time around. Not as good as The Two Towers, but not much is.

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